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Our State of the Art Addiction Treatment Program Includes:

  • Medical detox treatment that combines evidence-based protocols with nurturing and supportive therapies
  • Medical specialists with a combined 50 years of experience and over 40,000 patients treated.
  • A caring, professional staff that provides a comprehensive support system facilitating the transition to ongoing alcohol and substance abuse programs
  • Staff with first-hand understanding of recovery and detox programs

  • Detox and gender-specific sober living environments designed to provide a foundation for long term sobriety
  • A unique and holistic approach to alcohol and drug detox
  • Drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs that boast the greatest recovery success system in the country.

The Silkworth approach is about more than overcoming addictions, it’s about helping people become the best version of themselves. From the inside out, our alcohol recovery and drug detox programs are designed to transcend the traditional methods to deliver real results. We know firsthand what happens when empathy, knowledge, and incredible atmosphere combine, and we have a history of success to prove it. We encourage you to take the first steps to sobriety with us in America’s most prestigious detox center and sober living house.

The Silkworth Difference

After chemical dependency tears down your health and strength, you need a facility like The Silkworth Addiction Centers to regain control, relax, de-stress and restore balance to your body and mind. The difference is that we focus on the physical craving and directly address the mental obsession. While there are many opinions about alcohol and drug detox, the unique Silkworth approach uses researched and proven medical treatments that focus the mind, body and spirit and reunite them.

The Silkworth inpatient detox center and sober living programs philosophy is simple but direct. We believe that there is a clear difference between abstinence and true and complete sobriety and our programs focus on the physical craving and directly address the mental obsession. Facilitating a complete psychic change for each client is the ultimate goal and focus of our programs and staff. This is all done with respect and dignity in clean beautiful facilities and here you’ll find luxury amenities including a massage therapy room, personal nutritionist, acupuncture services and more. Each room serves a purpose, designed to reduce stress and anxiety and help our clients feel comfortable during this challenging time.

The Silkworth Experience incorporates these elements to deliver an advanced drug detox and superior alcohol recovery program, that when combined with comfort and privacy, deliver what our clients need to succeed on their journey to recovery.

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